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 "Ferrah is a real power woman"

Ferrah has been active in the financial sector for years and has several companies to her name.
She has her own real estate company with a portfolio of real estate in Turkey, Dubai and the Netherlands.
She has been involved in crypto trading since 2017. And with success, because in no time she has built up a rock-solid reputation as a crypto expert.
In March 2021 Ferrah received an award from the Gossip Media Group of Turkey for the Best Stock Change Expert of the Year of Turkey.
Did you know that only a small percentage of women invest in crypto?
Ferrah is a real power woman and proves that this new industry
is for everyone!
It's not difficult to create diversity, so let's encourage it!


DC Academy Founder & Crypto Expert


"Faissal, the future of the crypto world"

The crypto world is familiar territory for Faissal with more than 3.5 years of experience, we can label him as an expert.
Faissal is an 18 year old college student who has been involved in crypto and forex for several years. We are happy to have him on the team.


DC Academy Netherlands Analyst


“Marco, the Technological Face of Crypto”

With 3 years of experience and good technological knowledge, Marco knows how to find value.
He studies Aerospace Engineering, but would rather see Bitcoin Moon than the real thing.
In addition to trading, he is also active in mining. If you have any technical questions, he is the one to ask.


DC Academy Analyst

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